Warrior Beads

So yesterday I received my warrior beads. This is a project started by Chris who is on a website called http://www.1boy4change.org   Unlike some projects this one is open to any adult or child with any type of condition or illness. It’s away of documenting your medical journey so that you can see everything you have gone through. Personally seeing each bead gives me the strength to continue my fight. As your journey continues you can apply for more beads and continue documenting this journey.


These are my beads. They represent the past 18 months of my medical journey. I could only think back to about then. below is the beads I have and a look into my medical journey

54 doctor visits (dark blue + 1 blue giraffe)
16 days bed rest (tan)
74 A&E visits (red + 2 drum beads)
47 ambulances (white + 1 large glittery bead)
57 IVs (black + 1 black and white spotty bead)
5 PICC lines (silver)
14 IV medicines (orange)
4 Nil by mouth for surgery (light blue)
40 X-rays (olive)
4 surgeries (stars)
3 respiratory support (pink)
4 chest tubes (lime green)
17 different physios (khaki)
19 walking aids/wheelchair (magenta)
7 casts (grey)
5 EEGs (clear purple)
62 seizures (big seizures not absence ones) (purple + 2 purple elephants)
4 pairs of glasses (clear)
1 hearing aid (brown)
14 different types of braces/splints (greyish blue)
1 blood transfusion (clear red)
40 missed days of college (clear yellow)
70 flashbacks (glow in the dark + 2 rainbow beads)
1 bead of courage (tan lion)

Each one of these beads proves how much of a fighter you are. It shows that even if you battle everyday that you always win because you are still battling it. So as an adult with both physical and mental health problems I find this project amazing in motivating me. So I wish to say a big thank you to Chris for this project and how it is reaching others too.


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2 Responses to Warrior Beads

  1. That’s amazing. I love this, tried looking to follow his blog too, but couldn’t find the button to follow. Good luck on your journey.


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